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  1. I was wondering if there is something similar or anything that can be used for this
    As mineplex and hypixel have something original for user feedback
    I was wondering if there is something as Hypixel Hype or Mineplex Fountain Keeper

    Something that can i use that players pay with their money or some virtual curency so they can vote for update or to vote for what is the best thing on the server

    I used to work with SuperPoll as it can give rewards and show %
    But i was wondering for something that can be when for example the vote thing is 100% it Says "Vote for update successful" or something like hypixel hype

    Sorry for long post if you need more details don't hesitate to ask me :D
  2. Can you show us screenshots? I have no idea what you are saying.
  3. WAS


    So you want dynamic voting, with percentages, but you also want the first entry to 100% to be announced and voting closed?
  4. It is suposed to do something like this

    If i own for example Factions server to set it like this in GUI
    5 or 6 items in chest
    - Shop
    - AntiCheat
    - Staff
    - Report
    Etc and they give money for each of them and when 1 reach the 100% it will be updated and i can remove it from the list and set something else
    That is just an example - Percentage and type for example Low vote and Max Hype or something like that - Amount to give for one option

    OR - same as hypixel one amount to give - Over 100% Percentage when it reaches the special amount set in config
  5. Any help? Is there any plugin online like this?
  6. Have you tried googling?
  7. I've never seen a plugin like this, you could pay someone to make it for you, or try checking if there's something like this for XenForo or something you could use on a website.

    Could convert in game currency to website tokens
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