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  1. Hi, I was trying to setup Leaderheads which is a plugin I bought a little while ago. I went and downloaded the latest version and uploaded it to my 1.9.4 Spigot server. When I restarted it, I noticed it didnt show up and found this message in the console:

    Code (Text):
    25.05 23:47:48 [Server] INFO at me.robin.leaderheads.LeaderHeads.onEnable( ~[?:?]
    25.05 23:47:48 [Server] INFO at me.robin.leaderheads.LeaderHeads.loadConfig0( ~[?:?]
    25.05 23:47:48 [Server] INFO java.lang.RuntimeException: Access to this plugin has been disabled due to piracy! Please contact SpigotMC!

    You can see there that I do own Leaderheads. So why does it think I pirated it? Please help! I want to use this plugin really badly. Thanks, Jimmy.
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    The plugin downloaded from your account was posted publicly online for others to use. The piracy message is self explanatory.
  3. Yes but he has proof he purchased it right there so why would he download an illegal version of the plugin...
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    Come on people stop sharing purchased resources... :eek:

  5. But I didn't leak this plugin or any of the other 15+ plugins I have bought, They all don't work and have the same message.
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    Maybe someone else is using your account or resources somehow...? I'd go ask the developers of the plugins, see what they say.
  7. I guess. I tried that before and they said to contact spigot. It seems to be an endless circle and now I've wasted like $80 on plugins I can't use.
  8. If your plugins are shared, for example you had them on your server and someone with (S)FTP access took the files and put them somewhere else, another server or they leaked it, then it's your responsibility.
  9. No one else has access to my FTP though. Like this is my first time actually being ready to implement leader heads and it doesn't work
  10. Contact the authors.
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  11. So the user contacts 20 authors or so ?

    Interesting concept :p, or did i read wrong?
  12. It's from spigot.... One author must of reported a leaked jar and it traced back to their name. It's going back and forth here. Authors point to spigot (which is the issue) then here people point to authors. I would email spigot using the contact email on the footer of the page or pm a mod or someone.
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  13. If he contacts the author he can solve it.
  14. Ask the plugin author to submit proof you leaked the plugin; if they can't supply proof but still will not readd access then contact Spigot.
  15. I
    I am one of the authors. I can't do anything only spigot can because they put it in palce
  16. Proof is seen on download so they wouldn't do it without proof
  17. How can Spigot solve if its your plugin and your anti leak. Spigot can't fix that. Its the anti leak in the plugin itself and only that way the author can fix it. Not spigot.
  18. Is this new? I haven't heard of Spigot adding piracy protection on premium plugins before.

    Not too sure what you mean here.
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