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  1. Looking for a plugin blocker that blocks /about
  2. You don't need a plugin blocker for this. All you have to do is add permission, -bukkit.command.version, &bukkit.command.plugins to the everyone's permissions.
  3. im not trying to add permissions to people i want to remove /about
  4. Negate the permission:
    Code (Text):
    For example:
    Code (Text):
    - essentials.gamemode
    - -
    The extra "-" negates the permission and makes it so you can no longer do the command.
  5. You seem like a newer server owner, or someone that doesn't know much about how permissions work, so let me help you a little
    A permission is those functions in a plugin, to where if someone doesn't have that specified "permission" they can't use whatever that permissions is hooked up to.
    If a permission is negated, they don't have the permission, which by default, some permissions don't need to be specified to be given.

    An example of this would be the bukkit command /about, or "/bukkit:help" or /?, which is enabled by default.

    However, to negate a permission that is given by default, you can give them the permission (in PEX and GroupManager)
    -(permission) or in this case

    In something like LuckPerms you'd have to do

    /lp group Default permission set false.

    If you're wanting a completely easier solution to this, you can use NoCheatPlus along with @Captain_Obvious 's config, which by default blocks those commands such as:
    and so on.
  6. In order to remove /about, you must negate the permission.

    For example:
    /pex group default add

    By running the command in the example above, the default group won't be able to use the /about command. Although you're technically adding a command to the group, the "-" sign before a permission removes the permission rather than adding it.
  7. Yep, you just said the same exact things as us basically.

    I remember when was compromised a couple times a few years ago, and there was mass duplication, and the economy was destroyed... ah... fun times...
  8. WAS


    You can disable commands in my plugin Pluginz. But really, same amount of editing/commands about as doing permission nodes.
  9. He seemed confused, so I tried to restate the information y'all provided in terms that he may understand.

    I've since departed with XYZ after a year and half of free service as a manager. Me and the old owner left to make our own server. I remember us getting compromised by 824 way back. I guess I should update my signature.