Plugin challenges list?

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  1. Hello! I've been looking around a little at the forum, aswell as google. But I can't seem to find any sort list of Plugin coding challenges or similar.
    I'm not really new to Java since I read it in school and have used for Runescape private servers. Although I know a bit here and there and would like some help getting further in my learning process. And since I couldn't find any challenges related to Minecraft plugins I decided to come here to ask for help.

    I have a couple ideas for future plugins but most of them are far beyond current experience with Spigot/Bukkit. And therefore I would love to get some help from you guys and start with something smaller than a plugin with 100s of classes that most likely would end up with tons of errors and bad code.

    Therefore my question is, does anyone here know if there ever have been any form of plugin coding challenges list posted here?
    If yes, I would be very happy if you could reply with a link to the source.
    And if no, I would still be very happy with just a few ideas from you to make a list, which later on could help more new people coming to the forum trying to improve their Java/Spigot experience.

    I don't look for a complete tutorial of 100s of different plugins. I just want some ideas like following:
    1. Create a plugin where the plugin prints out a message on server start.
    2. Create a command returning a message to the sender.
    3. Create a command clearing the inventory.
    4. Create a command to send a private message to a player.
    5. Create a command teleporting the sender to another player.
    ... and so on. Starting from the simpliest things to more advanced areas that actually requires some thinking.

    I know there are tons tutorials out there on YouTube and other websites, but that's not the way I like learning. By watching videos I wont learn in detail what the code actually is doing. And doens't get to research myself for solutions to problems I encounter.

    Regardless if you are able to give me a full list of tasks or just a single idea that I could add to the list at any position, I would be very grateful!

    - Thanks for taking your time reading!
    Is still active, working on randomrespawn atm. Haven't pushed yet because I've been busy over the week, also stuck on some stuff. Also, a link to the spigot thread those challenges are from is there.
  3. Ohh, thanks alot! I'll take a deep look at the challenges when home from work and see if I can manage to solve some of them. Also I will probably stay active on your thread to possibly come with more ideas for the challenges list.
  4. Awesome, if you get stuck, look at the ones I've managed to complete. Apart from that, good luck.