Plugin Conflict? Perm Conflict? Help? xD

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  1. (sorry im not sure if this is the right forum section but i could really use some help)

    Hey my names tom
    I help run a fairly large server and we just switched form a 4gb server to a 32gb server using bungee with 5 servers connecting to each other (
    We've had kind of a rough start, ive set up permissions for the server but only half of the server can use a command and other half cant even if they are the same rank (permissions are the same on every world except for 1 or 2 with additions to the world).

    My goal is to have a menu with Chestcommands + Bungeewarps where players can use the main menu to warp to their favorite games. however most say they cannot use the /menu, others say they can but then others say they can but cant use the buttons in it. Im so burnt out on working with all of this that im asking for some type of help if possible. Ive checked permissions 5 times, the console atleast a dozen times.. The menu command works for me and other ops and admins flawlessly so theres nothing really wrong with the way chest commands is configured but something to do with the permissions i suppose although i cant find out what.
    I LOATHE groupmanager but the owner insists and if need be changing to a different one thats fine i just dont know how to have world seperate perms

    List of plugins: (* means i feel it may conflict)
    And our custom plugins for our games, although none really even use permissions.

    Here is a link to the latest Server.log
    A link to my Global Permissions
    ChestCommands Yml Bundle
    A link to my "In game" Permissions
    and Screenshots of BungeeSuit

    Any help at all would be appreciated and i can provide any information (besides the obvious passwords\database information such)

  2. Ya but is that the main conflict with my permissions?... ive already thought of moving over to something else like CommandsEX.. but i only use it cause of groupmanager.
  3. You don't need Essentials to use GroupManager. Also i have been using Essentials for years now and have really only ever found one conflict. Groupmanager is the best permissions system out there though.
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  4. T_T.. im not even really upset with the Permissions plugin or Essentials, however i just wanted to swich later on, all im doing right now is trying to find out whats wrong =\