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  1. Hi I want to make plugins but I don’t know what to start learning so if you can help me please pm eme HairHen_CR#6271 or pm me here. Thank you
  2. Do you have a basic understanding of java? If not this is gonna be more difficult for you.
  3. I have no understanding of anything
  4. When I first started I found that this was a good website to learn Java.
    I like to read things rather than watch a video but if you prefer videos then I'm sure you can find one somewhere.
    Before doing anything with Spigot/Bukkit you should learn Java and how it works.
    Once you have got a basic understanding of java then you can start trying to make a plugin but make sure to follow a tutorial because you won't be able to guess everything.
    You should always use this website while programming your plugin until you have gotten familiar with the Spigot API because that page shows all of the methods you might want to use and there is a search engine.
    I also recommend that you use IntelliJ (I think it's a lot better than eclipse but others might argue differently)

    Good Luck!
  5. @haz8989 Made good points but if your tutorial says to use Eclipse please do that. Eclipse is good for beginners to get them introduced to IDE's and other stuff along those lines and many tutorials use Eclipse so it may be easier to follow along with what they do. Later on, you can change to IntelliJ like I did.

    Also, I would recommend joining some programming groups, especially through discord. They are a good way to get quick help and get advice from many different developers. If you would like, I have a couple that I am a part of and can get you an invite to join just dm me :)
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  6. Also, Eclipse is still used by many high skilled devs and more, as the Maven functions and more work perfectly. To be honest, just learn Java and Eclipse, then follow online tutorials of how to Make Spigot Plugins, and you will be good!
  7. Yeah I did start off using Eclipse, but when I changed to IntelliJ i know that I will never to back. Perhaps Eclipse will be better for starters but after they get some more experience they should consider using IntelliJ.
    Also discord guilds are great for getting help.
  8. Try to see this tutorial series:

    This series will help you a lot :)
  9. Pls note: That tutorial series may be good for learning Bukkit related stuff but it assumes a knowledge of java first. If you don't know java and you haven't got coding habits yet then that tutorial may teach you bad habits without explaining them. But if you do know Java first then yeah this will help you to learn specifics to the Bukkit/Spgiot API.
  10. You can not understand it without start from something so... he could start with that tutorial series and then he could try to learn more and more things about java and Spigot Plugin Development.
  11. First learn Java basics, and then go with spigot
  12. Exactly, but he can also start learning with small Spigot plugins and then he will learn more and more for java and Spigot Development
  13. Personally, I didn’t have much knowledge of Java, however I knew a lot about JavaScript. Since Java has similar syntax as JavaScript, I wasn’t too confused.
  14. In my case, I studied C++ and C super intensively, then jumped ship to java, which made learning it very easy. From then, coding Java Plugins was just simple.
  15. In my opinon, as spigot is not a very difficult API (compared to others that need extra knowledge in physics / math or smt) if you have the bases in java, reading the documentation and examples should be enough