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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Assossa, May 8, 2015.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I have created a Skype group full of experienced plugin developers. You can join it by posting your Skype username below!
    Feel free to post any questions you might have or talk about anything related to plugin development. Please do not post basic Java questions or ask about non-programming things (Like configuring a server). Also, this is a programmer only chat. Do NOT ask to join if you are not a programmer.

    I no longer manage this skype group, I'm not even sure it's still alive.
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  2. This post feels like it should be in the Offtopic section. Don't think this is the right place for it.
  3. The link is broken: here is the actual link for the Skype chat

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  4. nope his link worked (It's almost like adf.ly without an ad actually)
  5. I know it works, it was just a joke, as he used a personal domain for a redirect.
  6. I setup my domain with bit.ly's shortener. I prefer to use it too make me look cool... And a bit of promotion ;)
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  7. Nice group ^^
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  8. skype is live:lalliergui
  9. Skype: wizisboss
    Just check out my spigot resources to see I'm a developer :)
  10. I'd like to join to discuss about some random development issues.

    Skype: poweredjava
  11. You can just click the link that @nfell2009 posted a couple of replies up with Skype open, and you will join the group.
  12. Won't work....
  13. Oh, I see that now. My apologies. You can copy & paste the URL into your web address bar, and then click "Open with External Application," but it was on "Connecting to Host" for about 2 hours before I clicked "Cancel."
  14. The link is not working -_-
    Skype: marin.maniaka
  15. EDIT: IT does work. The first time it didn't I just ahd to refresh the pag E!!
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