Plugin export .jar not updating from old .jar

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  1. This is a weird subject but I've made multiple changes to my bukkit plugin and export it every so changes and just realized that the .jar thats exported is the same .jar as the first export i made.. i made sure i have the right directory and file name but it still doesnt seem to update at all..?
  2. Try to update java or restart eclipse, I have the use problem ;)
  3. That is the exact reason I switched to intellij. Eclipse uses a custom compiler that has a lot of issues.
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  4. I'd assume you're looking in the wrong place. What's the full path you're getting the jarfile from?
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  5. Agreed. Check to see if the output directory is what you are expecting it to be.
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  6. D:\MC plugins\sc\src\main\java\io\github\suitinacow\sc\

  7. it is what im expecting it to be.. i set the directory before i actually exported it
  8. Yeah. You've run into the same issue I had, except for me, not only was the jar not changing, it was completely empty. You might need to use the JDK's compiler.
  9. And how is that done??
  10. thx
  11. Not a problem. The video is a bit outdated, but you can always find another if it has changed

    Edit: after watching that again I remembered how complicated that is. Try restarting eclipse. I noticed that for my issues the first compile worked and after that they all failed.
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