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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by J4D3N, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Hey, I've been working on a plugin for a decent amount of time now and I've come to a point where I cannot think of many great new features. So I'm asking you to try give me some feedback about my plugin and hopefully some suggestions that can bring more attention towards the plugin.

    The plugin I'm referencing is GameRanks, any and all feedback is appreciated.
  2. I personally don't have any ideas for you (as I'm not very creative in this department). But I saw that you unfairly got a 1 star review that is really killing your overall rating.
    I got one of those on my plugin "HubMagic", and I contacted a Moderator on Spigot to see if they could take care of it, and they got rid of it for me.

    You can try contacting someone to get that removed if you want :p
  3. I'm not bothered by the negative review, people that judge plugins based on a star rating surely aren't interested enough at all to try things out but it's good to know that I can contact someone about it. :)
  4. I love the idea, dont have much time to test it, although i only found 1 thing wrong (imo) with the description... You state in your 'terms of use' (lets be real here who can enforce them dw i get the same problem. But anyway you state no decompiling of the plugin then near the top of the description you give a link to the source code?

    Now i wouldnt know if the link to the source code is different but i had a small look and it does in-fact look like the whole plugin, not just a shell of the methods.
  5. I'm sure a developer would prefer to view the original source rather than a compiled version, there can be some differences minor yet but some.