Plugin for public player warps?

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  1. I'm creating a Semi-vanilla server, but I want it to be community driven. I want my community to have nice things, I want them to make nice things, I want them to do nice things for new players. The problem is, a donor might create a giant store with everything a new player might ever need, but they'd currently have no access to it unless the donor is online to let the new player teleport to them. I want to get rid of this inconvenience.

    So what am I asking for?
    Well, I'm asking for a GUI interface that will allow anyone on the server to click on a head to see which warps they have available to the public, then click the warp you wish to go to to be teleported there. In addition to the heads, on the bottom row could be, if possibly, a priority warps list of sort. Meaning the most visited warps could be featured on the bottom row. Whether that is automatic or manually done doesn't really matter to me, or if it is done at all.

    How would this work?
    It would need to be permission based to set a limit to the warps depending on the player's rank. For example, a tier 1 donor might get 2 public warps while a tier 4 donor might get 8. Any player could run a command, such as /pwarps to see the gui. The heads would have the name and face of the person it is for. The warps inside would be named with a label of the creator's choosing.

    I don't quite understand...
    No worries! I created pictures!

    I've been searching for a plugin like this for a while, and I haven't had any luck. Does anyone know of one that exists? It doesn't have to be 100% exactly what I'm asking for, though if it were that'd be nice :p

    I saw something like this on a server I played on a couple years back, and at this point I have no choice but to assume it was a custom plugin just for that server since I can't find it anywhere. Thank you for your help in advance!
  2. Get rid of the GUI aspect and just use EssentialsX warps. GUI is dumb, especially for something that's going to get a huge list of things, like player made warps..
  3. Failing that again something could be done using Deluxe Menu's? You can get every warp and if you don't have permission to go there make it override with just a glass placeholder.

    Although it would be taxing on system resources especially if you have alot of players and alot of players make alot of warps.