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    How would I create my own plugin that displayed kills in prefix and updated. Any help please would be very appreciated!
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  2. With Tooltips:

    Make a chatmanager with fanciful and create and than make an "OnPlayerKillEvent" that counts the kills of a player in a config, database or list.
    Then create a statement that gets that data and set that statement in the fanciful message.

    Without Tooltips:

    Make an "OnPlayerKillEvent" that counts the kills of a player in a config, database or list. Than create an statement that gets that data and set it into a int. Than make a chatmanger like: Canceling the defaulthat message and then but:

    Bukkit.broadcastMessage("[" + kills + "]" + Bukkit.getPlayer().getName() + ": " + message)
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  3. Thank-you But I'm still a little confused though. Could someone write an example out if you don't mind please.
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  4. Just hire someone to do it.
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  5. If you just write a example you'll never learn, Also it's type a answer...
  6. First figure out the code on how to make a prefix (Frankly I dont know how) and secondly make a variable, store it somewhere of the # of kills a player has by using EntityDeathEvent method and listen for kills, and then set that variable in the prefix with the appropriate string format of
    "["+kills+"]" kills being your variable.
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  7. If you don't understand what @zDrakon is talking about, I'd suggest hiring someone to do this for you.
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  8. To get you started here is a bukkit tutorial on how to make the kill count listener. You should figure out how to make it so you can listen for player kills.
  9. @EvilZombieBoi use [KingKits] its have Kill can disable other stuffs in kingkits if u dont want to use it.
    Like if i help.
  10. do you mean as an api or just use that plugin?
  11. Ask a developer for help with coding the plugin.
    Use floobits for IntelliJ or Saros for Eclipse, depending on which developer you ask and the IDE their / you're using.
  12. Thankyou everyone, Managed to do it! <3
  13. Thankyou! :3
  14. Up for hire?
  15. Uh, yeah. PM me with your budget.