Plugin help: Quests, Parties, MythicMobs,SkillApi

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  1. Goal/Problems:
    -Plugin "Parties" isnt sharing SkillApi exp from mobs..

    -Plugin "Quests" have objectives in a quest share with party members. (Ex. Kill 0/10 Zombie) so if a player that is part of a group kills 1 zombie it counts for everyones quest.
    Note: I have "BetonQuest" but didnt touch it so i dont know if has what im looking for.

    -Plugin "MythicMobs" in the items unbreakable option dont work
    Unbreakable: true
    Parties share Skillapi exp 2.)Quests party obejective share 3.) Specific items with unbreakable

    If you have experience with these plugins or have the know how please guide me! I want recreate the old times of playing World of Warcraft.with friends.
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