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  1. hey guys i am trying to run some complicated plugins (in my opinion) once i get use to it it will get easy but anyways. i have customenchantments, echo pet, epic rename, essentials, essentials antibuild, essentials chat, essentials spawn, MOTDColor, MythicMobs,Nocheatplus, PermissionsEx, PlayerVaults,setspawn, signshop, silkspawners, Tinkererandenchanter, trading, vault, world edit, world guard. those are my plugins and ill attach my permissions from my permissionsEx to thread but right now i am trying to figure out how to get all the permissions to the owners, the admins would have ban abilities, kill abilities, etc, default would have just like /home, /pv, etc. that sort of stuff i want to work so that i can set up custom enchants and custom mob bosses. ill later need world guard and all that working but essentials and permissions are not loading either so any ideas I've tried my best.

    you probably want to view that txt by notepad + +

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  2. but what about the plugin permissions
  3. @TheUndeadSavage Just take a look at their respective resource pages, there you should find the necessary information


    e.g. you can find SilkSpawners permissions here
  4. well here is the thing. i added all the perms last night and i put them in the owner's perms. now right now essentials and permissionsex are red idk why

    EDIT Got it working!!! my permissions.yml was in wrong spot i needed to be in the server folder not the permissionsEX folder
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