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  1. Hello Spigot Community,

    I am looking for a 'Timed Commands' plugin, that gives players certain commands that lasts for a x amount of time

    Example; <Player> wins WorldEdit from a crate, but only for 30 minutes.
    Is there a command I can do this with that supports 1.8?
  2. LuckPerms has a built in feature like this /lp user <user> permission setttemp <permission> <duration>
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  3. Anyway I can use this in conjunction with PermissionsEx?
  4. PermissionsEx doesn't have timed permissions and is no longer updated, from what I know. LuckPerms does have the ability to transfer old permissions manager data from most plugins, but it seems that a lot of players think that's bothersome.
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  5. I'd rather not switch from PermissionsEx, as I already have all my crate perms, custom perms and ranked perms setup and hooked into PEX, anyone know a plugin that can do what I requested?
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  6. It does have timed permissions.
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  7. My bad. @Unknown_Username ^
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  8. Thank you very much! That helps a ton.