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  1. Does anyone know which plugin send this message, please?

    NOTE: When I'm an Operator (OP) the message does not appear
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  2. What do you want ? explain your problems
  3. I want to know which plugin send that message so I can remove it ..
  4. Show me ur plugin with cmd /pl
  5. There
  6. This may be "Lobbys", "HubThat", "DeluxeHubs" or "Welcome Messages"
  7. Removed them all, did not worked..
  8. Essentials(Chat?) has a configuration field for welcome messages, so I would check its config.yml to see if it's set to what you're seeing; I believe there's an option to disable it.
  9. I removed the whole plugin did not work..
  10. Just to be sure, did you restarted server right? :D
    So it is quite difficult to guess which plugin it might be.
    I recommend to try to search all plugin configuration files (for example via Notepad++ which allows to search in multiple files) and look for key section like "has joined the Server!"
  11. I did Restarted server also I wanna Note that when Im an Operator (OP) the message does not appear
  12. I`ve fixed the problem the plugin was DeathMessages! Thank you all for trying to help me I appreciate it