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  1. You're running the trial version of Multicraft.

    I'm selling a 4 server key, PM me.
    This will give you the ability to make 4 servers with as many players as you want.
    It also prevents that message from broadcasting.
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    You have to buy a license like Rendadus said. The non-licensed Multicraft only gives 10 slots and has an occasional advertisement. Once you bought a license key put it in the 'multicraft.key' file in your Multicraft install directory (typically '/home/minecraft/multicraft') and then restart the Multicraft daemon.
  3. Wait what?! I bought a 5 key license?! last year! now its just starting it!
  4. I have 5 servers currently up what is going to happen to them?
  5. Ah, Nothing is.

    Don't worry about it.
    That's a bug in multicraft that's fixed in 2.0
    Update Multicraft to 2.0.0

    Happened to a hella lot of servers before xD.
    Vortex, Daegonner, Gontroller.
    I've seen that happen to all of them.
  6. How do i update?
  7. Do what you did last time.
    Instead, Download 2.0.0
  8. I did it and it still is doing it, now i have only 10 player slots.