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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by BurningHead, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Does anyone know any great Bungee Plugins?
  2. What type of plugin are you interested in? There are a lot of player-made plugins in Bungee section.
  3. i was just wondering if anyone knew any great plugins for bungee
  4. Verron, he may mean some linked plugins from each server, therefore a balance that goes across the whole server. Or maybe just a plugin that makes him have easy access with commands through the server.
  5. Thanks Jird , But I already know what he means.
  6. Yes I have cool bungee plugins for you :)

    - SlashServer, with this plugin you can do /survival if you have a server name survival (instead of /server survival)
    - BAT (Bungee Admin Tools), just see the page for infos :)
    - BungeeSigns, you can create signs to connect to a server :) (tutorial in the plugin's page)
    - BungeeTabListPlus, A betted TabList for bungeecord :D

    I don't know more plugins who are good and useful for bungee, hope it helped ;)
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