Plugin i made - what to add next?

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    Hi, i made a plugin called EnderChunks, it basically modifys the world live and creates an "ender" chunk, with endstone, obsidian, etc. Question is, what to add next? Just having a few fancy blocks looks nice, but i am not sure what it could 'do', maybe some sort of reward or danger or something?
    (I added mobs spawning on your head when you entered the chunk, but people died so they didnt like it).

    If you know my server ip, come online and do /warp enderchunk for an example.

    Thanks for suggestions :D
  2. wait, so it just creates a chunk of the end? and mobs spawning on your heads?

    This is a random mishmash of ideas thrown together. No idea where you're going with this, and I'm not sure you do either haha. I'm sure it was a fun learning project though. :D
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    I am eventually planning to have some sort of challenge or reward.
    Btw i took out the mobs spawning on peoples heads (for now) due to lots of complaints :/

    But lol yea i agree it was fun :D
  4. Sorry, I have to say this
    A feature so when it loads it stops itself and deletes the jar.
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    Might be a good idea :rolleyes:
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    Not a very good picture, as it dosent have things like trees in it, but you get the idea.
  7. Maybe make it like 4-16 chunk areas, so it looks ok, with like the obsidian pillars and all.
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    How do i get the chunks to the left and right of the chunk?
  9. Just add/subtract 1 to the chunk's X and Z that you're currently operating on.
    If you are working with chunk (10,10), the chunk's surrounding it will have the following coords: (11,11) (11,10) (11,9) (10,9) (9,9) (9,10) (9,11) (10,11)
  10. lolcats
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  11. Please do not troll, if that is what thy is doing, it is rather hard to tell.