Plugin idea - a server control panel in a plugin.

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  1. As odd as the title might make this sound, I had (probably not the most original) idea, which is basically a plugin that you can put onto your server, and as long as the server is up, you can then access the control panel on the web using information that you set in a config file. You wouldn't need a seperate web server or any web pages and etc, it would just be hosted out of the jar file.

    Things this could include
    - Player list with specific information such as location and health
    - Key required to access web interface
    - Console w/ ability to execute commands
    - ETC
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  2. Think this is advanced, and you would need an external plugin/jar to download
    The plugins and do th configs. I believe, maybe not but this is advanced and can cause security issues.
  3. Wouldn't be able to start/stop the server but player info & configs would be possible
  4. Agreed, unless you have the server in a start loop.
  5. I already know that I can do this, as I have written a library using sockets that allows me to run a web server from within just one jar file. I understand that you wouldn't be able to start/stop it from it, but the main point of this would be for server owners to manage the server while it is up, and if it isn't up, then they know that something happened to the server.
  6. A control panel? Shared host?
    If a dedicated server, Screen?
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    I think this would be useful. For those of us who like managing the server inside of tmux or screen, but don't want to give it up to give others access, this would be useful.
  8. I've seen something like this before... cant remember the name though
  9. I've seen this on minehut kingdoms. It's like a small server you get for yourself... Can do whatever you want on it. Kinda cool.
  10. well no I mean like public, a few months back I wanted to get a free panel to give some servers to friends without having to give SSH access (ended up using gamepanelx) and found a plugin that did just this...

    found it!
  11. Oh cool.
  12. Might work on one, it'd be open source of course. Anyone got a name?
  13. IGControl
    In Game Control

    As the panel is an internal panel in the server not external like Multicraft.
  14. I'll see if i can get any work done on this this afternoon.