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  1. Hey,
    i think it would be great if there was a forum only for plugin ideas.
    So if a dev doesn't know what he should program next, he will be able to get ideas from the plugin idea forum.
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  2. MiniDigger


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  3. Do it Do It Do It

    Do it Do It Do It
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  4. JUST DO EIT!!!!

    4 The Spigoteers pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase
  6. You didn't get the Shia Lebough reference did you?
    (Please, if I spelled his name wrong don't hurt me.)
  7. MiniDigger


    its shia *klills brett*
  8. Kills* Anyways +1. If the holy man @md_5 adds this I will be happy, because I fricken hate going on the Bukkit page just too look for suggestions.
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  9. +1

    I like the Idea of a Section for Brainstorming Plugins,

    not a "Hey I want you guys to make this Mega Plugin for me, I'm not going to pay you and you can only give it to me",

    more of a "Hey I've got this cool idea! Someone should add Duckhunt to Minecraft"
  10. +1

    This will be helpful o_o
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  11. +1
    good idea!
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  12. Legoman99573


    +1 I don't want to go to leak (prone to bad security) bukkit to suggest a plugin idea.

    BTW, @MiniDigger is right that it does fit that other thread and it has alot of support :D
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  13. +1 I realy like this suggestion
  14. 1+
    You have my support :D
  15. Lets all +1 and tag @md_5 lol
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  16. Hey I think this is a great idea! *asks for free custom anticheat*
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