Plugin Idea - PeronalKits

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by wyn_price, May 15, 2016.

  1. So I had an idea for a plugin. If this plugin already exists please link it, OK the idea is each player has up to 5 personal kits that they can choose. They should also be able to create, delete and edit the kits. (With a GUI if possible, if not i can make one with ChestCommands). You should be able to create the kits with all vanilla armour, swords, the bow, axes (basically everything) Including enchantments, BUT for each kit there can be a maximum of x (configurable) enchantments. If you are creating this can you send it to me as a .java file (or use pastebin) so I can edit it into German.The kits can have up to 10 of 3 different items (you can have 10 tnt + 10 fire-charge + 10 arrows BUT NOT 20 arrows + 10 tnt - if you cant do that just do 3 stacks of anything.) I do have some java knowledge but not enough to build the plugin the way I want.
    Stuff for config.yml:
    - what worlds people can use the plugin
    - how many enchantments people can use
    Please PM me if you think you can do it.