Solved [Plugin Idea] The bounty hunter ( quest + gui )

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  1. - I do not use english so have translated from google

    A new plugin that allows players to redeem the quest and pay the hunter a bonus reward when they complete it.

    The plugin allows the player to put out a given task in the GUI and rewards it. The mission lasts only for 2 days, the mission can be canceled at the expiration of the player who has received the mission but not completed also canceled the mission. Each player can only hang up to 2 quests once (1 time member - 2 or more vip times).

    / TBH help
    / TBH menu: For players - A window pops up with the option of casting a quest reward (up to 25 missions).
    Ex: [​IMG]

    - Quest: for the recipient. Click the first time to select then it will show the status has the recipient. Click 2 times to return the quest
    Ex: [​IMG] [​IMG]

    - Top: Top 10 players to complete the most quests.
    Ex: [​IMG]
    - Bonus: Upon completion of the full number of reward tasks (ex: complete 10 reward tasks).
    / TBH create: for requester - A window pops up with the option of casting a bonus reward for the quest.
    Create Quest:
    Ex: [​IMG]
    - Select Quest (Kill Player, Kill Mob, Farmer, Find Items ...)
    Ex: [​IMG]
    + Kill Player: After selecting the character name to hunt.
    + Kill Mob: Choose Mod. Kill the cows for meat and skin after paying the reward 10 Meat and skin will be sent to the quests of the quest requester. )
    + Farmer: choose agricultural products. (The task taker must find the required quantity of farm produce and pay the quests - ex: grow 10 carrots: create a small farm and grow 10 carrots and pay the reward 10 carrots Send the player's inventory.)
    Item Finder: Enter the item name (ex: The requester must hold the item on hand.) The quest recipient must find the item and the required quantity to receive the item. Bridge.)
    + Select the number of requests to complete: [-1] [1] [+1]
    Ex: [​IMG]
    + Choose Reward: Money, Poin, Iteam, EXP, .. (If you choose the item required to hold items in hand.)
    Ex: [​IMG]
    / TBH me: for myself - A window appears with information.
    - Quest: Existing quest
    Ex: [​IMG]
    - Bag: contains the required items when other players complete the task.
    - Complete: show the completed amount and total reward received (money, poin, exp).
    Ex: [​IMG]
    Request: Displays the number of tasks requested and spent (money, poin, exp).
    Ex: [​IMG]
    / TBH remove: delete any task in the task table.
    / TBH close: temporarily close the task table
    / TBH start: reopen the task table
    / TBH reload

    Update ...

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    Thanks for watching
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