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  1. Praya


    so, recently i created a plugin for villager.
    I made this plugin with a background my friend was annoyed with some stuff from trading with villager.

    for example, it's easy to get rare books like mending, thus making the book worthless.
    or easily get a map of rare structures from villager career librarians.

    I have completed some features, such as:
    - interactive menu
    - custom career
    - merchant stats
    - unlock recipe
    - breeding

    However I still feel this plugin has not fulfilled all the potential features of the villager
    so anyone with a good idea can discuss the features that can be added.

    people who have contributions in this plugin, I will give you access to download this plugin for free.

    - what I need here is idea for the main function plugin: trading and villager behavior

    these are some animations of the features I've created: [animation by @Asfarul]

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    • Command Reward Because Trading Item with villager is too ordinary.
    • Adding Messages/Action Bars/Sounds/Titles After done Trading to make it looks alive.
  2. Can you add a support for the money from vault ? and can you a customenu for buy the items and add a support for citizens please ???? ^^
  3. Praya


    that features already implemented ender
  4. Praya


    sounds good for change the result to a command
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  5. Okay. Also can you add a support for add the custom holograms upper the seller and per seller please ? ^^ and can you add a random particule effect and the stytle of the particules customisable about the seller ? ^^
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    • Make an Egg Spawn
    • Add Particles around/near villager
    • Add Fully customizable messages/config
  6. Praya


    this plugin purpose is to generate custom career on villager, it's not a custom shop plugin.
    so any villager that spawn will have custom career / career default if there is no custom career.
    that mean if I add hologram for every villager, will causing a problem
  7. Praya


    anyway, thank you for the suggestion