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  1. Hello everyone. I'm in the works of starting a MC server. Right now I'm still at the research stage and I'd like to ask for some help.
    These are some ideas for plugins I had. Simple enough that they might already exist, in which case I didn't quite find them and I ask you to link me to a plugin that has the function. In case there is no plugin, or any of you who can develop wants to flex a bit, I'd very much appreciate these:
    a) One way I'm planning to work around diamond hoarders / x-rayers is to disable entirely the generation of diamond ores (and possibly other blocks) and give them to players through other, more manageable means. This is why my first ask is for a plugin that lets you decide just this. Configure whether "x" block gets generated.
    b) Following this idea of "players get diamonds when I decide they get them", the next plugin I'd need is one that allows me to schedule automated item rewarding for players based on their played time. Example: For every 90 minutes played, the player gets a diamond automatically.
    c) One possible problem with the last idea is that a player would receive a diamond but had their inventory full at that moment so the item gets "lost". I have this happened to me in a few servers with voting rewards. So the plugin idea I'm pitching is for an item inbox for automated rewards. The player gets notified something like "you have new rewards in your inbox", then type /inbox claim, and gets confirmation request "you need "x" free slots in order to claim your inbox, type again to confirm".
    d) A plugin that lets the admin configure KeepInventory to keep some items and drop others. Example, the player dies, and loses all construction materials/blocks but doesn't lose any gear/tools/armor. This would be so I disable the /back command, players lose "less" relevant items, but keep the important, probably enchanted ones.
    e) The ability for users to fly for a limited period of time. This could be as a command with a cooldown or an item that when consumed grants the effect. I thought of this for special ranks, contest rewards, to be used in skyblock where it would be very useful, and maybe to have control of Elytras in the server.
    f) Which leads me to my final suggestion (for now). A plugin that lets you configure so an item dissapears when picked up (e.g. the Elytras). And allows the admin to grant such items and these "admin sanctioned" items don't dissapear. Once again this is thought to make such items stay "special" within the server, and give players bragging rights when in possession of one.

    I hope that at least some of these are new ideas that you guys like. And of course, better yet if they get developed. Great community, I'm learning a lot.

    Thanks in advance, Federe76.
  2. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/terraincontrol.2214/ I think that's what you're looking for : )

    Not sure, if that's already a thing, but can be coded easily (if you can't find one, feel free to message me)
    Same for c)

    d) Can be coded as well(message me, if you can't find anything that works for you)
    e) Uhhm, no idea, but easy to code as well :D
    f) So you mean like certain items stay on the ground forever?

    If you can't find anything that fits to your requirements, feels free to message me so I can try to help you there with some custom plugins.

    Best regards, Tux the little pengu
  3. Thanks a lot for the reply, I'll look a bit more before asking you to develop, but I'll be happy to message you.
    About (f), I mean that some items would be straight up non-obtainable. Given the Elytra example, players will find them on the End Cities, so when they drop (or when picked up) they dissapear. The idea on (f) is SOMEHOW not to let players get them, and that the only way to get them is through rewards, ranks, etc.
  4. f) is possible to code as well :)
  5. Already working on a little .dox to send you :).
    Please add me on Discord:
  6. Revisiting (a), I'm gonna ask again since I'm getting more technical. TerrainControl doesn't work on 1.15.2. I found https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ore-control-『1-13-1-15-2』.63621/ and it works great, but only for ore generated blocks and now I'm also thinking about the possibility of disabling/replacing specific blocks on generation (e.g. End Portal Frames, Spawners).
  7. Not sure if it's what you want, but your could generate the world on an older version and upload it on your 1.15 server then. Of course, it will not have any new items then and it may cause bugs. Running servers on the latest version that's out always has the consequence of a lack of plugins thay were updated for this particular version.
  8. Loading the map in an older version would require loading the whole map, and if I migrate to a newer version, any new chunks from that point onward would still be ruled by the newer version.
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