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  1. Hi, my name is Tyler. I'm currently looking for some plugin ideas to do for fun and advance my knowledge in the api.
    I'm looking for a difficulty of easy - medium ideas as I'm not that good but I'm okay.

    Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks for reading and have a good day! ☺️
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    There's threads, and even an entire sub-forum dedicated to ideas on the bukkit site
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  3. Yes i've had a look but most of them are things i either cannot do or has already been made. i usually find old posts awell so wanted some updated ideas by people.
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    Who cares if they're already done?
    And you did say "advance my knowledge in the api", if you can't do it, look into learning how to do it
  5. That's fair enough but i would also like some new ideas.
  6. I think he's basically saying do a tiny bit of searching on the internet. With some of searching, you will come up with cool ideas faster than asking for them here. I'm not creative at all, somehow I can come up with them by looking around.
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    Pretty much. Got a bunch of steam/console games? I'm sure you could get some ideas from those *shrug*
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  8. Probably your best bet if you want to go original.

    I don't get why you can't re-create something that has already been made though? Especially if it only for improving your knowledge.