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  1. I need tome medium sized plugin ideas, cos i need to upload 3 free ones before i can upload my premium ones
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    There's kinds of these threads exist already, you could even look at the bukkit site as well, there's an entire section dedicated to just this
  3. Instant block breaker plugin

    Join/leave message plugin

    Antibuild plugin that sends a message to player on block break

    Code (Java):
        public void onPlayerBreakBlockEvent(BlockBreakEvent e) {
  4. You can also get inspiration by checking the Resources section!
  5. I suggest making an /discord plugin
  6. Depending how well you know java, you could work on making a library for other developers to use. Just think what's annoying to do while you make plugins and make a library to fix it.
  7. Way too many of these out there :)
  8. That is true tbh