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  1. Hello everyone i am a java developer who is looking into making plugins again ( tinkered with this many years ago ) and i'm wondering if anyone has any ideas they'd like to share. I'm currently just making random plugins to relearn the spigot api, but would like some more ideas.
  2. Hello, I have an idea in mind - if ever you push through with this, please let me have it used on my server.

    Plugin name: Surgery
    Ver: 1.15.2+

    - Surgical Principles

    + A chance of bleeding levels (mild, moderate, excessive bleeding) when pulling out a lodged arrow.
    + A chance of developing various types of organ failure depending on their diet, e.g.:
    - Coronary Artery Disease requiring Coronary Artery Bypass (increased intake of cholesterol, large diet of pork)
    and similar to those
    + Wounds that require stitching, steps for surgery:
    + Player has a wound which requires surgical intervention
    + Right-click wounded player with a "SCALPEL" to begin surgery, which hurts the patient with 1/2 heart per 3 seconds (or lower, depending on bleeding level)
    + Right-click wounded player with certain materials (e.g. Forceps to take out arrows, Proline Stitches to fix open wounds)
    + Right-click wounded player with proline stitching materials to "close-up" the player's body.
    + Right-click wounded player with bandage to stop bleeding.

    Contact me if you need more thought on surgery types! Would be nice if we can make the plugin large enough for a wiki, with steps on which tools to use on the player relative to what surgery requirement they have.
    + Players have the option to craft an "anesthetic" to reduce bleeding levels, would give side effects such as nausea or mining fatigue though.
    + Random chance of a surgical failure, increased surgical failure chance when too much blood is lost, with permission nodes lowering this failure rate for surgeon permission groups.
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  3. World generator.
    We have no good world generators for 1.13+
    EpicWorldGenerator = a shit show of a plugin + a waste of money
    RealisticWorldGenerator = in my opinion its very blah
    OpenTerrainGenerator = they're stuck in 1.12.2

    Thats all we got. We need something more.
  4. a plugin that will limit the maximum health (for example 5 hearts instead of 10) and players will have this health by default {without armor on} but then when they put on armors {iron, diamond etc} it will give them more health? Wynncraft has something like this when you first start you have like 5 hearts and when you put on armors it gives you more hearts but if you take it off you go back to 5 hearts.

    mainly want diamond armor to be the one that re-gains full health {10 hearts} but if you could make it customizable where as i can set what armors have certain amounts of health that would be great {example, iron 7 hearts, diamond 10 hearts etc}

    {if you do decide to make it, would you be kind enough to send it to me in a pm / publicly release idc, thanks}
  5. A GUI wich includes all the ideas above ;)