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  1. List of plugins? I think it could either be a Prison plugin, or a Factions plugin messing with your chat.
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  2. It's a plugin that detect the world chat [L] is for Local. So send the plugins' list and we can checl
  4. Its probably Multiverse-core or factions altough im not 100% certain, it could also be one of the Moolte plugins because I dont know those plugin and configurations.
  5. The mootle plugins are custom by me and i have check through the multiverse and a bit on factions but didnt find anything
  6. Did you disable world prefixes in the Multiverse-Core config.yml?
    Code (Text):
      prefixchat: 'false'
  7. yeah i did change that
  8. It might be WorldGuard, I'm not sure but I think I remember a server I worked for had the same problem. I think it was something in the WorldGuard config.
  9. #
    # WorldGuard's main configuration file
    # This is the global configuration file. Anything placed into here will
    # be applied to all worlds. However, each world has its own configuration
    # file to allow you to replace most settings in here for that world only.
    # About editing this file:
    # - DO NOT USE TABS. You MUST use spaces or Bukkit will complain. If
    # you use an editor like Notepad++ (recommended for Windows users), you
    # must configure it to "replace tabs with spaces." In Notepad++, this can
    # be changed in Settings > Preferences > Language Menu.
    # - Don't get rid of the indents. They are indented so some entries are
    # in categories (like "enforce-single-session" is in the "protection"
    # category.
    # - If you want to check the format of this file before putting it
    # into WorldGuard, paste it into
    # and see if it gives "ERROR:".
    # - Lines starting with # are comments and so they are ignored.

    perform-on-next-start: false
    keep-names-that-lack-uuids: true
    use-creature-spawn-event: true
    use: false
    dsn: jdbc:mysql://localhost/worldguard
    username: worldguard
    password: worldguard
    table-prefix: ''
    enable: true
    invincibility-removes-mobs: false
    nether-portal-protection: false
    fake-player-build-override: true
    explosion-flags-block-entity-damage: true
    high-frequency-flags: false
    protect-against-liquid-flow: false
    wand: 334
    max-claim-volume: 30000
    claim-only-inside-existing-regions: false
    default: 7
    auto-invincible: false
    auto-invincible-group: false
    auto-no-drowning-group: false
    use-player-move-event: true
    use-player-teleports: true
    deop-everyone-on-join: false
    block-in-game-op-command: false
    host-keys: {}
    summary-on-start: true
    op-permissions: true
    enable: false
    deny-message: '&eSorry, but you are not permitted to do that here.'
    block-entity-spawns-with-untraceable-cause: false
    interaction-whitelist: []
    emit-block-use-at-feet: []
    item-durability: true
    remove-infinite-stacks: false
    disable-xp-orb-drops: false
    disable-obsidian-generators: false
    block-potions: []
    block-potions-overly-reliably: false
    enable: false
    radius: 3
    redstone: false
    pumpkin-scuba: false
    disable-health-regain: false
    no-physics-gravel: false
    no-physics-sand: false
    vine-like-rope-ladders: false
    allow-portal-anywhere: false
    disable-water-damage-blocks: []
    block-tnt: false
    block-tnt-block-damage: false
    block-lighter: false
    disable-lava-fire-spread: true
    disable-all-fire-spread: false
    disable-fire-spread-blocks: []
    lava-spread-blocks: []
    block-creeper-explosions: false
    block-creeper-block-damage: false
    block-wither-explosions: false
    block-wither-block-damage: false
    block-wither-skull-explosions: false
    block-wither-skull-block-damage: false
    block-enderdragon-block-damage: false
    block-enderdragon-portal-creation: false
    block-fireball-explosions: false
    block-fireball-block-damage: false
    anti-wolf-dumbness: false
    allow-tamed-spawns: true
    disable-enderman-griefing: false
    disable-snowman-trails: false
    block-painting-destroy: false
    block-item-frame-destroy: false
    block-plugin-spawning: true
    block-above-ground-slimes: false
    block-other-explosions: false
    block-zombie-door-destruction: false
    block-creature-spawn: []
    disable-fall-damage: false
    disable-lava-damage: false
    disable-fire-damage: false
    disable-lightning-damage: false
    disable-drowning-damage: false
    disable-suffocation-damage: false
    disable-contact-damage: false
    teleport-on-suffocation: false
    disable-void-damage: false
    teleport-on-void-falling: false
    disable-explosion-damage: false
    disable-mob-damage: false
    disable-death-messages: false
    enable: false
    disable-off-check: false
    disable-creature-trampling: false
    disable-player-trampling: false
    prevent-lightning-strike-blocks: []
    disable-lightning-strike-fire: false
    disable-thunderstorm: false
    disable-weather: false
    disable-pig-zombification: false
    disable-powered-creepers: false
    always-raining: false
    always-thundering: false
    disable-mushroom-spread: false
    disable-ice-melting: false
    disable-snow-melting: false
    disable-snow-formation: false
    disable-ice-formation: false
    disable-leaf-decay: false
    disable-grass-growth: false
    disable-mycelium-spread: false
    disable-vine-growth: false
    disable-soil-dehydration: false
    snow-fall-blocks: []
    use-as-whitelist: false
    enable: true
    enable: false
    dsn: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/minecraft
    user: root
    pass: ''
    table: blacklist_events
    enable: false
    path: worldguard/logs/%Y-%m-%d.log
    open-files: 10
  10. is your friend
  11. Any update for Messageannouncer :p PiggyPiglet
  12. I'm not sure... What happens when you change your rank?
  13. it just changed prefix :p xD
  14. The only plugins that deals with chat interaction I can see from that list are Multiverse, Factions & PermissionsEx

    So assuming you've ruled out the other two, check PermissionsEx?