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  1. I want plugin
    level prefix

    [Novice]_sinxao : Test

    put plugin
    [Lv.20][Novice]_sinxao : Test

    No plugin pvplevel


    Help me please

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  2. seeing you placed this in development, I'll give you some pseudo code.
    asynch player chat event
    get the prefix of the event
    string prefix = player.getLevel() + " " + receivedprefix // maybe some chat formatting as well? thisll just be a nr in front of his name and shit
    set the prefix of the event

  3. set in plugin ??
    groupmanager ??
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  4. This was posted in "Spigot Plugin Development". Here you get help with developing plugins in Spigot.
  5. This means @sinxao posted it at the wrong section!!! :(
  6. :C
    I can not find it
    Plugin level prefix
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  8. @sinxao I can do this for you. PM me.