Plugin like citizens

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  1. Hello. Does someone know this plugin? When u click it u will be teleported on survival server.

  2. Citizens?
    Photo please?
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  3. There is no fucking way I am clicking that link. Post it on imgur, gyazo or upload it to Spigot.
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  4. Probably Citizens, CitizensCMD and HolographicDisplays.
  5. This bee has fly animation like shes freezed or something but shes flying. Can i do this by citizens?
  6. Never tried it so not sure.
  7. /npc create bee --type bee
    /npc name
    /npc gravity
  8. Thank you so much! And how i put multiple names? Like server, player etc.?
  9. Just use a hologram above it
  10. lmao. It's similar to Imgur. It's in another language, I assume it's czech based on the .cz

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