Plugin list suggestions?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by zDrakon, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Okay so I have a client thats looking for plugins that can link specific world chats, such as factions with faction worlds, but keep minigames/survival games separate. Another thing is that he says he wants factions to only apply in the factions world, and survival games in its own. I tried using the plugin PluginsPerWorld but it cant seem to limit the massivecore factions. I have NOT tried with FactionsUUID, but I doubt hes going to pay $15 for that really nice plugin. Any ideas here? I've searched, but probably not enough as my SAT class is about to start xD... yes probably TMI but who cares, just want to let spigot know my situation here.

    P.S: Please don't advertise here of "Oh I can make a custom plugin for you" because I can't pay and he probably wont either... so please just send a list or some suggested plugins. Thank you ;)
  2. FactionsUUID is on github, but tell him he should feel bad since he is taking someones life money
  3. I paid the $15 for my server, he says that in github we would work something out to get a copy, but I PMed him he apparently says he does not give out free copies. no further replies. I don't think posting or PMIng him/criticizing him will help.
  4. Any ideas? C'mon spigot theres tons of creativity here XD?
  5. Lol ur suggestions don't match much to my list but I suggested my client get subserver plugin so that he can create a mini server for the survival games instead of hosting both factions and survival games.