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Discussion in 'BungeeCord Plugin Development' started by bloodsplat, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. I think I may be doing this wrong but it used to work.

    In my code for a plugin I have player.sendData("BungeeSuiteMC", b.toByteArray()); where player is a proxiedplayer who is online.
    Now this used to work and sent a message to the plugin on the server the player was on but now it doesnt send a thing.

    If I use server.sendData("BungeeSuiteMC", b.toByteArray()) It will work but sends to a random player which I can cope with just need to change my code a bit. But the weird thing is when I use
    proxyserver.getplayer("Bloodsplat").sendData("BungeeSuiteMC", b.toByteArray()) is doesnt work again and proxyserver.getplayer("Bloodsplat").getServer().sendData("BungeeSuiteMC", b.toByteArray()) does work.
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    [12:02] <md_5|> bloodsplat: you are doing it wrong :p
    [12:02] <md_5|> ProxiedPlayer.sendData sends it to the PLAYER
    [12:02] <md_5|> ProxiedPlayer.getServer().sendData sends it to the SERVER
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