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  1. Hello everyone, i need your little help.
    Can you say me chat shop plugin?


    /buy <item> <price>
    /sell <item> <price>
  2. Are you requesting me to link a chat shop plugin? Essentials is the closest you will get with selling or buying with commands but the problem is with what you are requesting is that players will have the ability to sell any item for any price or buy any item for any price. So for example they buy a chicken for $1 and they sell it for $100000. This plugin wouldnt be very logical, I suggest maybe a plugin that enables you to open a gui with a set price for each item to sell or to buy.

    Thx Pixl
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  3. Maybe i will make a gui shop.
  4. Essentials has a fully configurable chat shop, if you've got a server with Essentials installed just use it.

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  5. Essentials have only /sell in chat.
  6. Oh sorry, I just made a mistake.
    I'm not using Essentials recently so I think I just forgot it.
    Sorry dude
  7. Its okay chill :)