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Plugin needed.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by jeff142, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. jeff142


    So ive made a server that's kitPVP-ish ware you kill to get kits in a big map (credit to fuzzybot for the idea) but i need a plugin so players can make barricades.
    i need it so when a player breaks say a sponge, it has a 1 in 50 chance of breaking
  2. Easycakes, ill get it done when I get home... About 10 mins
  3. Starting on this now, should only take a few minutes once Eclipse decides to start up :p

  4. 1 in a 50 chance of breaking or dropping a sponge? I don't understand which one I need to put in :p

    EDIT: I finished the plugin and it is located at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ugq06ztjsz7key/StatisticBreak.jar
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  5. jeff142


    Iike a chance the sponge breaks, I don't want it to drop the item.
    I won't be home for a few days but thanks :)

  6. You don't want the item to drop at all even when it breaks? Well time to add a new feature real quick xD
  7. jeff142


    The idea is players can place them to block doors and such. Other players can try to break down the "barricades" by trying to break them with a 1/50~ chance of it actually breaking for them.

    Hope that explains it a little better then before.

    Also will donate for the makeing of the plugin.

  8. Okay then the plugin up there should work fine for your needs, and the percent chance of them breaking the sponge is also configurable ;). Just make sure to keep the number between the ''. (e.g. '5' for 5% chance, or '2' for 2%, the default). Donations are not necessary ;), it was a pretty easy make and I just enjoy helping out :]
  9. It looked like a pretty cool plugin when I tried it :p

    One very minor issue is that it doesn't ignore Creative mode, so World Edit is the best bet for (admin) removal of sponge.
  10. jeff142


    Well in this map its not a big deal, as no one should need to remove them unless it was world edit.
  11. jeff142


    File was removed :(

    New link plz
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  13. jeff142


    Looks good :D
  14. EpicTaco If its not to much trouble.. I'd really appreciate it if you could make the message that sends when breaking the sponge configurable :)
  15. jeff142


    Indeed that would be nice :D
  16. Updating the plugin now...
  17. jeff142


    And to be ever more picky a premisson/op bypass would be nice, but not required
  18. Adding 2 permissions and one command:

    sd.admin: bypasses the check, breaks 100% of time.
    sd.reload: allows access to the /sd reload command to reload the config.

    OPs have access to both permissions.
  19. You sir.. are awesome. If I were you I would definitely upload this to Bukkit, as many people could most likely benefit from this plug-in.