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  1. I purchased the AdvanceLuckyBlock plugin but it does not work at all.

    It is not showing up in /pl and its like the server doesn't recognize it, but I have placed it in the plugins folder/

    Please help someone, thanks.

    Owner told me to PM him for support but this is new account so I have to wait.
  2. For one, try to see what versions are supported, and try to update your spigot, or update the plugin. Secondly, go update your java to java 8, and try to use an sdk, instead of the normal java.
  3. It is hosted from a professional host. They support spigot 1.8.3 and I have that. I just downloaded it, and it is the latest version.

    Thanks for trying :p
  4. One of the features of paying for a plugin is dedicated fast support.
    Ask for help on the plugin page.

    @MarkoCZ appears to be the author.
  5. Well, then try to see if the plugin supports 1.8.3.
  6. I did, he told me to PM him. I can't pm for a few more days :(

    It does, the owner said it does.
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  7. PM = Private Message
    "Start a Conversation"

    I don't see how you can use Spigot forums but not Spigot PM.
  8. Well try to one by one remove your plugins, until it works. Could be a problem with other plugins. I don't honestly know, I just am trying to help as much as I can. :D
  9. That isn't there for me. I know what a PM is, but spigot forums set it so new users cannot pm for 3 days.
  10. hmm, that is a odd rule.

    @MarkoCZ, maybe help this user via Skype or just directly on the forums?

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  12. hmm, that is kinda odd.
    anyways, hopefully Marko will reply to this thread.

    @jflory7, maybe something that overrides that rule if the user buys a premium resource?
    eh, that would probably have to be custom.
  13. thanks for mention me @Cewlt .. I've pm'ed you please send to me your problem

    it works perfectly with 1.8.3
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    Because of the recent spambots and new users joining and immediately asking others for free copies of premium resources, the ability to send private messages is limited to new accounts. This can be bypassed if someone else PMs the new user first, like @MarkoCZ did.
  16. ?
    You having the same problem?

    Just post a message on @MarkoCZ's profile and ask him to PM you for help.