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  1. im not asking for you to make me a plugin or anything but what is the exact code i would need to make a plugin that has player create-able "clans" . the clans would have custom chat prefixes and the ability to set a home for the clan. i want a 12 hour cool down between leaving and creating/joining a clan or setting a new home for your clan, without land claiming. like i said, im not looking for you to make me a plugin i just want to know the exact code to do this.
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    Sorry, but the "exact code"? What's the difference between that and the plugin?
    You may not know it, but that's going to take at least a thousand lines of code and a few files, as well as a few days.

    Are you a plugin developer or a server owner? If the former, you shouldn't ask anyone for "exact code". Make it yourself. If the latter, post in Plugin Requests.
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