Plugin obfuscating the methods.

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  1. Hello!

    Basically I am looking for something that will allow methods - example Bukkit.getMaxPlayers() to be hidden with obfuscation and not being able to be seen but to work normally.

    I am hiring as well somebody who is capable of this!
  2. Use ProGuard.

    EDIT: You cannot change the name of Bukkit methods without also modifying your server jar. You'll need to make your own obfuscated library, which will just add another layer to the API and make things more complicated. I don't know anyone here who can or is willing to do that.
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  3. You can delegate (extend/implement) the class(es) and use that instead. Then obfuscated it (meanwhile java-deobfuscater helps with everything)
  4. It is possible as it is possible with strings, zelix has that method as well.

    Would you mind helping over Discord or PMs?
  5. Still looking for someone
  6. My own recommendation: Just don't even bother. It's not worth the effort you put into it. All it takes is 1 semi-dedicated person to want to deobfuscate it for everyone to have a deobfuscated copy (see Minecraft vs MCP).
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    May i ask why you need this? if it's to hide code, someone can just deobfuscate it, if it's to hide anti-piracy like what Billy said (this time see Denuvo vs 2 or 3 groups)
  8. It is not possible. You can only make some delegate methods/classes, or use reflection
  9. And I believe reflection comes with a performance cost, too. I hate reflection and I only do it as a last resort for accomplishing something in NMS.
  10. I just noticed this. If zelix has it why not use zelix?
  11. Because it's 500$
  12. You're not going to get a custom obfuscation solution for less than 500$.
  13. I said method LOL?
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  14. This implies you're looking for a commercial product.
    This implies you're looking to hire someone to make it for you.

    If you're just looking for a method, you're in luck. Just go look how Zelix does it.
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