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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Razvi, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Hi, I think I will switch some plugins..
    AuthME -> LoginSecurity
    PreciousStones -> ProtectionStones
    What do you guys say?
  2. No, dont switch to login security :(.

    I dont know what the last plugin(s) are.
  3. Why not? AuthMe is buggy and heavy..
  4. I recommend xAuth instead of AuthMe or LoginSecurity.
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  5. Is it less laggy?
  6. Yes and it has better interface.
  7. I like greifprevention as opposed to precious/protection stones if its just for plot/build protection. I think its more flexible and I like the interface better.
  8. I need to change from Authme to Xauth.
    How can I transfer the database so people can use the same password?
    Is it possible?
  9. joehot200


    @AK138, @RaZxKiD, I believe it is impossible to do that. You could always pop the maker of xAuth a PM, and ask him about it (He usually answers quite quickly), or you will just to have the same passwords.

    I use xAuth on my server, and looking at the timings of AuthMe on other servers compared to the to the xAuth on my server, xAuth causes less than half the lag of AuthMe. It also is a better interface, with everything from the messages to if you are forced to register being configurable.
  10. hopefully, you appreciate this as a joke, but there might be an answer out there. -