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  1. Is there a way to organize the order in which plugins load in console. Such as plugin manger type plugin which says load 'plugin d' before 'plugin b' etc.

    The goal is to have plugins load in order so that in console we remove warning such as Dynmap as no associated API despite actually having one. the load order is wrong as it later finds it and loads just fine. Basically trying to refine the console side of plugins and spigot.

    If not a plugin a program maybe or just a simple change required in Spigot itself.


  2. You can do this by opening a plugin with a zip opener and editing the plugin.yml and adding a soft-depend of another plugin.

    Eg say plugin A uses Dynmap,

    Open plugin A with zip (eg winrar)
    Edit plugin.yml
    Add soft-depend: [Dynmap] (or edit existing soft-depend eg soft-depend: [OtherPlugin, Dynmap] )
    Save back into plugin A

    Spigot should load the plugins in order the best it can.
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  3. When it comes to plugins they load in alphabetical order (i think it's that) and spigot takes into account the "depends" and "soft-depends" of the plugin.yml file. You'll have to use a hacky solution like the one mentioned above by @Dablakbandit since spigot doesn't have any sort of GUI based way of setting how they should be loaded
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  4. Strahan


    Just out of curiosity, why do you care? Are you having a problem?
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  5. Strahan it is more like my OCD cares then I do. But sometimes I feel as though wasting steps is just that wasting steps. The less steps you take to go from point a to point be the efficient you become.
  6. Basicly it is down to the individual plugin.
    Either do as @Dablakbandit suggested, else report the problem as an issue to the plugin developer for them to fix.