Solved plugin per world in 1.14.4?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by SandvichMan, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Hello i'm making a server which will have multiple gamemodes and i'm trying to make a "hardcore" gamemode but the plugin i'm using but in the other gamemodes its still enabled on them.

    How can i disable certain plugins on other worlds but enable them on some worlds?
    I'm using multiverse plugin.
  2. Use BungeeCord.
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  3. is there any way to do it with just spigot or?
  4. Not a clean one without struggle.
  5. Doing all those gamemodes in one server and having plugins per world is always buggy and not recommended
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  6. It is technically possible but using bungeecord would be much easier and better for players.
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  7. Seems that recently people have been curious on per world plugins.

    If in the config of a plugin, it allows you to set enabled and disabled worlds, go for it, if you can manage them and set them up correctly, youll be fine.
    But if you try to force plugins to run, per world, or as said above, have so many gamemodes on one server, with many worlds, its gonna be way more hassle than its ever worth.
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