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  1. I'm looking to hire someone for a new plugin that I need for my new server and just wanted to ask around and see how much it may cost. It's a pretty large plugin but it can use multiple different plugins to make it all work out.

    Name: SAOMinecraft

    Desc: The popular anime, Sword Art Online, in Minecraft!

    What it does:
    - adds unique bosses
    - adds unique items from the game including special weapons and armor and spells/potions
    - adds a quest system for 100 "levels". Basically whenever you beat the specific boss for each level then you can access the next one and so on until you hit lvl. 100. You can always go back to previous levels but not ahead past the one you are on.
    - guilds - you can invite players to join guilds that you make and they can: teleport to you, use your items, and have access to your houses + private chat
    - adds unique monsters from the tv show
    - adds unique leveling system (similar to MCMMO) everytime you kill a monster you get exp and once you get enough exp you level up which upgrades stamina, strength, health, regeneration, and inventory capacity (max level is 100k). Bosses drop 5x more exp then the mobs on it's level
    - one life only! this plugin will be used as a special event and restarts everytime so once you die, you revert back to the normal server and can't access the event again until it returns.
    - Special "Yui" mob that is hidden on every level. If you find it, it gives you a certain amount of exp + legendary weapon + follows you around and fights mobs with you (disappears once the level is finished)
    - house renting. You can buy/sell/rent houses in the "Safezones"
    - safezones, places like the towns that are safe from monsters and you are invincible in them
    - Special particles for when you use teleport crystals, kill mobs, find Yui, and more
    - A way to use WorldEdit to set each level, safezones, Yui spawnpoint, boss room, and houses
    - unique NPC shop - you click on an NPC, let's say the blacksmith, and you can see it's inventory. When you hover over the items it should show a name, price, damage, and duribility. Each shop only sells one of each item and restocks once a day.
    - special events such as special bosses, supply drops, "purge" (safezones are dropped and houses become open to raiding), and other things.
    - Special item that "brings people back to life". You can use it on any player who died within 10 minutes of using it and they can be brought back to the event with all items and exp in-tact.

    There is more but I can't think of it right now. I understand that there is a lot of features I am looking for but I think a good dev. can actually make this plugin for fairly cheap by using multiple other plugins and resource packs to do most of the things above.

  2. This sounds really cool. If you need some help with anything, I'd love to help. This sounds really cool to work on! :) (Skype is in my signature)
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  3. 75 is probably bare minimum.
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  4. I want it too, make anime as a game especially my favorite Sword Art Online :p
  5. Thank you for your offer I will definitely look into it :)
    Do you have an estimate for how much this may cost?

    Believe it or not, that's kind of a relief to me XD
    I was thinking it would be lots more!
    Thanks for your reply!
  6. The list may be long but of the things aren't that hard to make.
  7. looking forward.
  8. If you want this well done you'd probably be looking at $400+ for a good developer.
  9. This is actually the price I was thinking would fit this XD I cri.
  10. FormallyMyles


    As some advice, it's most likely cheaper to break this into smaller plugins (and possibly use existing ones). You'd still be looking at $250+ for a decent job though.

    :) Good luck with your quest
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  11. I would say between $200-450 max depending on the developers speed in which he can complete the task to a certain level of optimisation and conpatibility.