1.8.8 Plugin Protection

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  1. Hello,
    I was wondering what sorts of plugin protection is allowed on spigot?
    I know license systems are not but what are allowed?

    If I was to track what users download the plugin and how many servers the plugin is loaded on would that be allowed? I I assumed that it would be and also would be a good way to find out leakers.
    A question for staff would be, would this be sufficient evidence to remove the leaker from the buyers list?

    I know about the %%NONCE%% placeholder but am wondering if there is any other type of things like this.

    I understand leaking will happen no matter what but you need to understand that after working on a project for months to find out it has been leaked and hundreds of people are using it for free, it's really heartbreaking.
  2. You can check out this wiki page for more details on the placeholders: https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/premium-resource-placeholders-identifiers/

    Also keep in mind that people that download and use those leaked resources wouldn't buy them in the first place and will most likely use them for their new "super unique" server network with more game modes than players.
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