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  1. Little Intro: Hey I Am VegasGaming I Recently have joined the Spigot Member Team, & I am starting a Youtube Channel, I currently am developing a server (The Vegas Network)

    My Question/Comment:
    I am wondering if someone can recommend me some good WORKING Plugins For Spigot 1.8.x With no errors & Console Dump for the following categories.

    A Good KitPvP Plugin: XXXXX
    A Good Rankup/Prison Plugin: XXXXX
    A WORKING Creative/Plots Plugin: XXXXX
    A Good SkyBlock Plugin: XXXXXX
    A Good SurvivalGames Plugin: XXXXX
    Good WORKING Fun MiniGame Plugins: XXXXX
    Some Good Admin Tool Plugins For Moderating Players: XXXXX

    & If You so could give me a video tutorial to the plugin you recommended me, That would be great!
  2. Well my hubutils plugin can actually provide a staff chat and anti-curse filter that warns online staff of swearing. It has many other features as well that you might not need but it may be worth a look ;) It is in my signature
  3. Plotme for creative.
    Fun minigames: spleef, splegg, king of the ladder, capture the flag.

    Admin tools, punishmental, essentials, admin chat, chat helper.
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  4. That means we are practically doing all the work for you in terms of plugins. We might as well open the server since we are finding all the plugins for you.:rolleyes:
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  5. A lot of people love SG. Maybe try a unique sg that's not over populated. I saw this plugin and I highly recommend it! I use it for my private network with friends and it's perfect highly customizable and has tons of features! It's only 9.95$ USD. yes I am on the contributors list because after I bought the plugin the dev needed a beta tester so I offered to help, and now I have helped Aton. The plugin is called SGPremium... It's by BetaNyan.
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  6. @imjack16 You wouldn't be doing any work, But just recommending plugins. Because I would be editing the configs, And setting it up on my server.
  7. Oh look, another mingame server
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  8. I hope you don't break a sweat whilst your doing that. If we suggested you all the plugins you will end up with a generic server.
  9. @Vidsify Thanks! That Fourm was a great help! :)
  10. No problem
  11. A Good KitPvP Plugin: KitBattle
    A Good Rankup/Prison Plugin: PrisonRankup, EZRanksLite
    A WORKING Creative/Plots Plugin: PlotMeOfficial
    A Good SkyBlock Plugin: SkyblockReloaded
    A Good SurvivalGames Plugin: SGPremium
    Good WORKING Fun MiniGame Plugins: Capture the Flag, PaintballRemastered, Turf Wars
    Some Good Admin Tool Plugins For Moderating Players: AdminEssentials, PandoraChatFilter
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  12. You know.. SGPremium is a pretty good plugin :p
  13. :D
  14. How is SG fitting in with other generic servers such as factions and skyblock?
    I'd suspect a minigame server to have SG.
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  15. It used to be but now I don't get the updates
  16. What do you mean you don't get the updates?
  17. I don't even know to be honest, I bought it and I logged in sometime back in August was when I noticed I couldn't download the updates anymore. Never really knew what happened.
  18. I would email Spigot about that.