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  1. Hi,

    So my plugin Gameboy got removed for now obeying to rule 4.1.5, which is something I genuinely didn't know. I wonder what happened with a proper warning system, or a proper staff system, allow me to explain.

    I feel like a warning would have been fair, for me it's a 10 minute fix to change my website in such way it obeys to the rules, not needing a removal. I have not received such warning unfortunately.

    Second of all, if a warning is somehow 'out of place' here, I feel like staff should have removed ALL of my plugins, as they all use the same site. I genuinely don't care anymore, i have spent most of my free time just creating plugins, and this is what I get

    Yes I know I didn't follow the rules, but I didn't know this was not allowed, a warning wouldn't have been out of place. I obviously don't want to be a rule breaker, knowing the concequences.

    I hope some staff member can elaborate what happened here and if a warning was really unnecessary..

    Kind regards,

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  2. I can't even download your plugin, it sends me to a page without clicking anything that wants me to either enable Chrome notifications or install an extension. Waiting does nothing.

    So yeah, in my opinion, the actions taken by the staff were appropriate. If it was a discrete ad or anything else that didn't want to do harm to my computer I would think differently.
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  3. md_5

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    Since when is ignorance of the rules a defence?
    Your site was literally serving pornography and malware to our users.
    Staff absolutely made the right decision removing your plugin to prevent harm to other users.

    In fact I just visited your site and got automatically redirected to a malware download page myself. Thanks for letting me know that I have to delete your other plugins too.

    It's even better that instead of fixing the issue you just took the time to make a complaint thread instead. In any case:
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