Plugin replacement for /fill and/or /setblock

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  1. So, the basic vanilla commands for /fill and /setblock seems to cause me quite a lot of trouble such as "cannot place blocks outside of world" even though it's not outside the world, and it also causes the too many blocks issue. I find that sorta annoying as I wanna be able to freely do these stuff without these limitations. Are they other plugins that can replace these commands so that I'm able to run them without having to make any selection? (Worldedit) and be able to run it through a Command Block too.
    Running 1.8 Spigot (Don't ask me to update, even if there is only one that supports only 1.9 and above, just don't ask me to update. I really prefer 1.8)
  2. FastAsyncWorldEdit can do that
  3. Wot, how tho?
  4. How you using the /setblock and /fill commands? Like what are your arguments?
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  5. As I'm using these commands in a command block, I always use it with set coordinates.
    Like /fill X1 Y1 Z1 X2 Y2 Z2 (block)
  6. You want to set the block on a special location, or on your location?
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  7. If you have OP or the permission in the server, try
    Code (Text):
    /setblock ~ ~ ~ (block)
    (set a block on your location) instead of using a command block.
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  8. I don't understand what this means.

    On my location means relative location, which is ~ ~ ~.
    Special location is a set of coordinates, and I'm using it with a set of coordinates.
    Like I said already, I'm using it in a command block so I use a set of coordinates.
  9. I really don't get how /setblock would save me right now, it's not that they aren't working. It just isn't working the way I would like it to. That's why I'm asking whether any plugin can replace this vanilla function.
  10. Okay, but you don't want to use WorldEdit? FastAsyncWorldEdit works
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  11. It's because I want to run these terrain changes without needing a player. So for example a command block can do it anytime without a player having to select pos1, select pos2 and //set, or //fill.
  12. You don't want a player to do it, and you don't want to use a worldedit plugin, and you already know how the basic command work. I don't really understand your problem.
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  13. the Regular WorldEdit needs a player because it can't use positions in the command, but FastAsyncWorldEdit can use positions in commands
  14. I'm going to explain in detail, my plan is to make a 'house' where there's a lava moat, but I want it to be triggered by a button only, so that will involve the use of redstone and command blocks with /fill. I try to do the entire lava moat with one fill command but it was too big.
    I tried to half the selection so I'll do the moat in two command blocks, and I get a "Cannot place blocks outside World" problem. That is impossible because it was all in the world, the coordinates were all set properly.
    That's why, I would like a plugin to replace this function, so a command block can just do: "thatplugin:fill x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 "block" " and it would work properly without giving me any more of these stupid limits and unneeded problems.

    As for @Tanguygab you said something about FAWE being able to use positions in commands, how would I do it? I don't expect being able to do this because it's not like I could set a pos1 and pos2 in two seperate command blocks, unless I can.....
  15. I don't know if there is a plugin for this. I can make a plugin for you if you want.
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  16. I would appreciate it, may you make it so that I can set a limit to maximum blocks and also I don't get a pointless "Cannot place blocks outside of world"? Thanks!
  17. Unfortunaly, I could only find a way to do //pos1 and //pos2 with position, not //set. RIP =/
    gl Itz_KiwiSap
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  18. Why do you want to do in in command blocks?

    Just confused, are you trying to make a parkour house or something?
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  19. I want it to be some sort of trap, which can be executed even if I'm offline.
    It's not like someone there would trap themself if they receive a message:
    "Please select this place as pos1 and this place as pos2 and do //set lava while your in the centre of that selection."
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  20. Lmao

    Okay, I get you. Do you have a developer / can you code?

    If you do, get him / you and just make a custom plugin for it or there's probably trap plugins on Spigot.

    Just look for a plugin, there probably is one.

    Maybe something like this?
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