Solved Plugin Request - I don't know where to post this

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Can this plugin be made?

  1. Sure!

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  2. I dont know.. Can it?

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  3. I dont think so.

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  4. Impossible!

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  5. Why is this a question?

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  1. Hi, im Ubalube. I own a server ( and I want a roleplaying server (plot world creative). And honestly I have gotten bored of the role boards on those servers. If someone can make or find me a plugin that will let someone create and invite players to a roleplay using commands, that would be great!

    Commands (/rp help)
    /rp create {name} - creates a roleplay
    /rp delete {name} - deletes a roleplay
    /rp invite {on/off} - toggles if roleplay invite is needed
    /rp invite player {username} - invites a player to a roleplay (invite has to be on)
    /rp theme {theme} - sets a roleplay theme (medieval, sci-fi, horror, etc.)
    /rp start - starts roleplay with the message saying
    Roleplay Has Started! in that exact color.
    /rp stop - stops roleplay with the message saying Roleplay has stopped!
    /rp wipe - Wipes all players roles (removes roles from players)
    /rp boundary - Started with worldedit region. In the selected area of Pos1 And Pos2, when that command is executed, it will set the roleplay boundary.
    /rp roles create {name} - Creates a role (only the roleplay owner can execute this command
    /rp roles edit {name} - messages the owner a list of commands that can be added to the role (commands below)
    /rp roles age {age number} {role name} - the role age
    /rp roles gender {gender} {role name} - The gender of the role (male|female)
    /rp roles personality {personality} {rolename} - the personality of that player
    /rp roles secret {secret (backstory no one knows)} - Sets a secret that players can reveal themselves.
    /rp roles crush {another role} - Sets a crush, bf, gf, husband, wife)
    /rp roles see {player in roleplay} - Inspects a players role (will not reveal secret of role)
    /rp roles change {role} - Changes role
    /rp roles list - Shows a list of created roles
    /rp chat - Enables roleplay chat which means any player who is in the roleplay will see this chat.

    Features -
    I want these features if possible (not required)
    - Player names with roles (example: Not in rp: Ubalube: hi In roleplay (say role is hunter): Hunter: hi!
    - Prefix of players gender (Example: (Male) Johnny: Hi!
    - Age of players (roles) (Example: {AGE:21} (Male) Johnny: Hi!

    If this is possible, please friend me on discord. I have skype but I barely use it. I DON'T want this plugin publicly released. I will give credit to the creator! Please if someone can help me!
    Discord (contact me here if plugin is made) - Ubalube#1085