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  1. Basically, I just need a plugin that lets you configure different permission groups that have different fly speeds, and have each have a configurable amount of hunger per second consumed while flying. Trying to add a race to my server with SkillAPI that naturally can fly, but I can't find a way to make it so it is both A) commandless and automatic, and B) consume hunger while only in the air. I also don't want it to affect players who don't have permissions at all, so that my admins and the like with /fly aren't affected. An example of the config could be:

    #permission for this group would be leveledflight.example
    #determines the speed of the flight on 1-10, with 3 being normal.
    flyspeed: 3
    #determines the speed at which hunger is consumed in seconds. -1 to disable.
    hungerconsumerate: 10
    #particle effect spawned by flight(Not necessary, but would be a great feature)
    particleeffect: enchant

    Like I said in the comments, the particle effect bit is optional. Would be great though if you felt like adding that too. I'll be happy if I just get the other stuff. Thanks in advance!
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  2. Another bump can't hurt.
  3. Seems more like you want it custom made since no public plugins will have what you want. If you not willing to put money into a plugin to make your server more unique then I wouldn’t make a server without the funds.

    Ask for custom plugins here, https://www.spigotmc.org/forums/hiring-developers.55/ like Itaquito said before.
  4. I tried that, but it's been "Awaiting Moderation" for FOREVER now. -_-
  5. Did you follow all of the rules?

    Hiring implies payment :p.
  6. I noted that the cost is negotiable, which does imply payment. I can't imagine that's the problem.