Plugin Request - NBT Tag Fix - Details inside

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by FoxDie, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Im having an issue with what i believe is NBT Tags messing up and came across this mod that would fix what seems to be very similar to the issue that i am having. So... what i am requesting is a plugin that is updated for spigot 1.8.8 based off this mod or if they think they can do better than this mod to go ahead and try. We have tried so many things to fix this problem hopefully i can get a decent plugin fix for the server. Link to the mod below.

  2. That would be dificult to make, without risking corruption or deletion of data - what sort of items are not stacking?

    Most likely a plugin you are using is storing data on the items, have you investigated their NBT data? Use the program NBTExplorer to see it.
  3. everything that is stackable isnt stacking correctly. Most noticeable when shift clicking it to try and get it to go into a stack. Funny thing is it can be stacked if you play with it long enough it will eventually go in. sometimes when you think you got it and close the window it wil revert or drop to the ground depending if its in a chest or your inventory.
  4. If it can be stacked at all, it is not NBT causing it. More likely a badly-coded plugin is blocking inventory actions.

    Inventory interaction is a very broad event, and a lot of bad programmers just block every action that is not the one they are handling in their plugin.
  5. tried running server.jar instead of spigot and it was still happening....
  6. With fresh items?
  7. pretty sure i did spawn them in fresh with /give command