Plugin Request / Or Idea

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by ShadowPlay, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. Hellow everyone , right now , i'm in a phase of dev on a new project that I have , but I've hit a wall .
    ( Just saying I'm shit at coding ) I'm trying my best with plugin that already exist and pimping them to my liking . But I can't seem to find any plugin like this one :

    (Take in mind that's it's for a mmorpg type server )

    So a plugin that when you would talk to a NPC , you could buy a house ( In another world [Like in SkyBlock]) using emerald . That you could not destroy but only modify the interior . This said NPC would also give you the possibility of upgrading your house ( A bigger inside ) but with the limitation of a perm ( You need a certain rank to upgrade to a certain house ) .

    I know It's a tricky thing , but I have no idea on how and what to do for that :/ .

    Anyone have any idea ?

    I'm ready to pay the person who could make it happen . ( Im not rich btw )

    ^^ Thank's in advance .