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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by 89apt89, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Hello, I am a new plugin developer looking for new projects to work on.

    I have already made 2 plugins, but they are pretty simple and are for pretty specific use cases.

    If anyone has any plugins they'd like made, I'm happy to develop stuff. I'm new, but I consider myself a pretty experienced coder so hopefully I can start improving my skills with the Spigot API.
  2. Hi, i don't need a plugin but if you want to make something that will improve you skills using the SpigotAPI you should make a plugin that allows players to right click any stairs to sit and when they are sitting spawn a particle on top of the players head for example somke particle just make sure you don't use NMS and when there is already a player sitting you should spawn an ActionBar message tell you that you can't sit there.
  3. Thank you for your suggestion, I'll be sure to start work!
    I've seen NMS mentioned for a while, but never quite knew what it was. Why shouldn't I use it?
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  4. NMS is short for net.minecraft.server, which is obfuscated code from Mojang that we got from decompiling and all that jazz. You should avoid it if you can because:
    1) Its obfuscated, so good luck on decrypting it
    2) It'll break with new updates to minecraft as the code changes when new versions of minecraft are released (not always but more than using Spigot's api will break with new versions)
  5. Add me discord : (Cobiy#5605) if you want i will have a look at your code when you are done and show you what you can improve or if you need help in general
  6. Hey, thanks man :^)
    Adding now

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